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The Designated Market Area (DMA) for Hartford/New Haven encompasses areas of Hartford, New Haven, and Fairfield Counties and the cities of Hartford, New Britain, New Haven, and Stamford with a total population of nearly 3 million people. Together these areas offer access to sought-after markets.

Hartford is not only the capital of Connecticut, but also its second-largest city. The city has earned the nickname “Insurance Capital of the World” thanks to its place as home to many of the world’s insurance firm headquarters. Stamford is ranked ninth safest city in the U.S. It’s also one of the most affluent per capita. A number of large corporations have left the bustle of New York City for the calm of Stamford.

Meanwhile, New Haven is perhaps best known as the home of Yale University. However, since the mid-1990s, New Haven’s downtown and many surrounding neighborhoods have experienced extensive revitalization. Healthcare, retail, and professional and financial services form the base of the local economy.


Brooklyn Outdoor delivers coverage to a population of nearly 2.7 million people across Connecticut across dozens of local and express bus routes. With many routes operating 7 days a week in high-circulation areas along main roadways and core downtown advertising offers an opportunity for impactful messaging.



Commuter service in and out of Hartford, CT includes over 30 local and 12 express bus routes. Many local routes operate 7 days a week and serve 26 towns in the Capital Region. Hartford transit lines connect with both the New Britain and Middletown area transit networks. The total population is approximately 894,000 residents and the median household income is more than $62,500. The typical household commutes 21.9 minutes to work. Bus media advertising is available on 248 vehicles.


Commuter service in and out of Stamford, CT includes 15 local bus routes operating 7 days a week. Stamford buses connect with services in Norwalk, locations along the New Haven Line, the Harlem Line on Metro-North Railroad, and with Bee-Line buses in Westchester County, NY. Stamford transit also operates an express service between downtown Stamford and and White Plains, NY. The total Stamford area population is approximately 916,000 residents and the median household income is more than $81,000. The typical household commutes 28 minutes to work. Bus media advertising is available on 43 vehicles.  Ask about our bus shelter coverage in Fairfield County, CT (including Stamford)


Commuter service in and out of New Haven, CT includes over 22 local bus routes operating 7 days a week. New Haven buses connect with state-owned and subsidized bus services in Meriden, Wallingford, Milford, and lower Naugatuck Valley areas, as well as with the Shore Line East and New Haven Line rail services. The total New Haven area population is approximately 862,000 residents and the median household income is more than $61,000. The typical household commutes 23.9 minutes to work. Bus media advertising is available on 108 vehicles.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s digital and static billboards are another great choice for delivering exposure to residents and commuter traffic across the Hartford/New Haven DMA. Static billboards work well for commercial and industrial areas along major roads, while digital billboards offer flexible, high-impact coverage.

Digital billboards can be particularly powerful. Recent studies found digital ads are highly engaging for 55% of consumers, who notice the ad display most of the time. As many as 89% of commuters traveling past a digital billboard can recall a specific ad seen in the last month, while as many as 14% will patronize a business after seeing its ad on a digital display.


Stamford, Norwalk, New Haven & Waterbury: Stamford is home to four Fortune 500 companies, nine Fortune 1000 companies, and numerous divisions of large corporations. A key part of the New York DMA, Fairfield is the third-largest US corporate center after New York City and Chicago. Just a few miles away is New Haven, home of Yale University. This region’s 916,829 residents have a median household income of $81,268. Brooklyn Outdoor operates 250 area advertising displays with exposure to traffic bordering I-95, the Merritt Parkway, Route 1 & Route 7, with average 7-day impressions per display of 35,192.

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