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Taxi Tops Are An Outdoor Advertiser’s Dream

Your Brand, Millions of Visitors

Picture your brand reaching more than 42 million annual Las Vegas Strip visitors with Las Vegas Taxi Top Advertising. It’s one of the most sought-after demographic audiences in the US and the world, a consumer market responsible for $6.4 billion in annual gaming revenue. And best of all, it’s all within your reach.

Taxi Tops have become the most recognizable Out-Of-Home media in all of Las Vegas. Taxi Tops have a continuous presence directly at McCarran Airport, the Las Vegas Strip and throughout the convention corridors. They provide captivating, visible advertising opportunities to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. For years, businesses have come to depend on the effectiveness and 24/7 exposure that Taxi Tops present to the Las Vegas Visitor.

Las Vegas not only boasts more annual visitors than any other U.S. city (40,000,000) but the local population has bulged to over 2 million. These types of numbers are indicative of why Las Vegas has emerged as national market and the reason many Fortune 500 Companies are planning outdoor advertising campaigns here.

Digital Taxi Tops (Dynamic)

  • Exclusive to the Las Vegas market
  • Flexibility to change Time-Sensitive material
  • Highly visible digital screens
  • Nearly a 360 degree viewing area
  • Reach highly concentrated pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas
  • Dynamics delivers accurate and precise reporting

Colossal Tops (3-Sided)

  • Each taxi wrap includes top, trunk and entire body of cab
  • Larger, dominant size of 16” x 55” sides and 16” x 32” back
  • Ultra-bright 8000 lumens of super-white led lighting allowing for an ultra bright message
  • Optical grade, impact resistant transparent poly-carb ad surfaces ensuring the clearest and brightest graphic illumination.

Static Taxi Tops (3-sided)

  • Two side panels (14” x 48”)
  • one back panel (14” x 30”)
  • One client receives all three panels
  • Each taxi top receives 9,500 daily impressions
  • 360 degree view

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