Portland is Oregon’s largest city and the 21st most populous DMA in the U.S. Portland is well known for its microbreweries, coffeeshops, and thriving art and music scenes. The city’s scenic landscape, well known Mount Hood and Washington Park bring major tourism with 29 million overnight visitors last year. 


Our Portland wallscapes are ads that are either painted on or attached to buildings in highly-trafficked areas. These are made to enhance eye-catching advertisements by placing them in routes that receive maximum exposure from pedestrians, commuters, travelers, and residents.

Static + Digital Billboards

As residents of Portland spend nearly half an hour daily driving to work, digital and static billboards are a sure-fire medium for delivering messages. Our options for traditional OOH in Portland are located in noteworthy, busy locations.

Trikes + Bikes

Brooklyn Outdoor is the sole-provider of the B-Line Trikes + Bikes format in Portland. This emissions-free transportation system delivers eye-level, attention grabbing messages. Bikes + Trikes has access to bustling pedestrian only pathways. This format combines OOH with highly trained ambassadors to add human interaction and authenticity to message delivery.

Unique formats

In Portland, we offer rare advertising opportunities such as this unobstructed pole banner.  With the Portland cityscape as your backdrop, this is a one-of-a-kind advertising opportunity, opening the door to creative outdoor media solutions. This flagpole is located in the heart of the city, enabling you to creatively and impressively convey your message to a wide-ranging demographic.

Mall Media

Brooklyn Outdoor’s mall media inventory is located in the ever popular Lloyd Center. This community-centered mall is a place where people of all ages gather for shopping, dining, and skating at the center’s rare indoor open-air ice rink.

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