Annapurna Pictures – “Detroit”

Project Description

It was more than opportunity, it was our responsibility as a Detroit based company to help Annapurna Pictures introduce the premiere of their upcoming film “Detroit” in an authentic way that still reflected the creative for their national campaign.

What We Did

.The Brooklyn Outdoor team knew the best way to ensure the integrity of both the film’s and the premiere campaign’s authenticity was to find locally and nationally renowned artists to create custom, hand painted murals in both Detroit and Chicago. In addition, to ensure adequate saturation in these target marketplaces, we supplemented the murals with digital bulletin spaces that mirrored the look and feel of the custom artwork.

The Results

Not only did the campaign catch the attention of moviegoers, garnering 10,000+ impressions, but artwork itself extended exposure by generating its own buzz in the local press.

Project Details

  • ClientAnnapurna Pictures
  • DateFor the premiere of 'Detroit', the Brooklyn Outdoor team's first priority was ensuring the campaign didn't feel, but was truly authentic.