Brooklyn Outdoor Detroit Ford Mural

What We Do

Brooklyn Outdoor’s core business is outdoor signage and displays, including billboards, buildings, wallscapes, digital billboards, branded buses and taxis, bus shelters, digital interactive, street furniture, posters, mobile billboards and storescapes/in- window displays. Founded in January 2013, the company has emerged as a regional and national force.

Some of our clients:

Nike logo
Shinola Logo
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Above and Beyond

Brooklyn Outdoor has carved out a reputation for going above and beyond: introducing eye-opening and attention-getting elements, groundbreaking displays, and unique special events and promotions. We are adept at creating opportunities in places that they didn’t previously exist, helping clients and potential clients explore exciting new creative possibilities. From a network of food carts, to hand-painted mural advertising, to an extraordinary interactive “living” billboard (“Bill-Bar”), Brooklyn Outdoor knows how to put big ideas into action and make a lasting and memorable impact with target audiences.

Are You A Client?

Brooklyn Outdoor represents very select, high-quality out-of-home inventory.  By working exclusively with independent vendors nationwide and our experience in the industry, we are not only able to offer you the best quality inventory on the market, but offer it to you at extremely competitive rates. We look forward to becoming a key resource in fulfilling your out-of-home needs.

Are You A Vendor?

Brooklyn Outdoor is all about building and maintaining strong client relationships. Our relationships are second to none and allow us to bring more business to independent out-of-home vendors like yourself via advertising agencies, out-of-home media buying agencies, media buying services, and clients direct.  If you need help with sales and have great inventory, it’s as simple as that.

Property Owner?

If you own a property in one of the top markets in the US, we would love to talk to you about your many options as they pertain to the  industry.  It can be very overwhelming and we understand your needs and what our clients want.  Brooklyn will assist you in developing,  maintaining, and marketing your site up to the highest standards in the industry while increasing your bottom line.