Chicago Outdoor Advertising

The Chicago DMA is the third-most populous DMA in the United States with approximately 9.7 million people. It is also a top travel destination with more than 57.6 million tourists visiting Chicago in 2018. This area is incredibly diverse and is home to 31 Fortune 500 companies including Allstate, Exelon, Mcdonald’s, and Kraft.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s custom wallscapes take the OOH experience to new heights. Our inventory is placed in highly visible pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas in Downtown Chicago and throughout trendy neighborhoods. such as Lincoln Park, Little Village, North Chicago, Wrigleyville, and Lakeview.

Static Billboards

Brooklyn Outdoor’s static billboards are located across major suburban thoroughfares delivering exposure to resident and commuter traffic across the Chicago DMA. Posters and bulletins offer heightened visibility and long-lasting exposure. This format is printed on high-quality vinyl’s presenting vibrant color and displays.

Digital Billboards

Brooklyn Outdoor’s inventory is located across major roadways delivering exposure to commuters and travelers coming to and from Chicago. Our digital bulletins offer major flexibility and easily changeable creatives. This format offers creative ways to communicate messages to target audiences through dynamic text and imagery.

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