Michigan and the largest city along the United States-Canada border. This motor city is home to the “Big Three” largest automakers in the United States. This multicultural city is in the midst of a major and rapid renewal making it a prime location for showing off your brand with outdoor advertising.


Brooklyn Outdoor offers the only digital, video spectacular in the city of Detroit this spectacular two-screen digital display is visible to both Washington Blvd. & West Congress Street in the heart of downtown Detroit. This larger than life digital spectacular is highly visible to those entering and exiting Campus Martius, Hart Plaza, and many major downtown hotspots.

Huntington Place is a 2.4 million-square-foot convention center located on the bank of the Detroit River overlooking Windsor, Ontario. This center is a major hub for business expos, meetings, tourism and the home of NAIAS for the last 31 years


Bike share advertising is a great way to target riders, pedestrians and vehicular traffic with your campaign. These eye-level ads are a great way to deliver your message throughout the surrounding area. This format is highly effective for advertising both national + local brands.

MoGo is Detroit’s first on-demand bike share company. The system has 480 bikes at 44 stations throughout 10 neighborhoods in Detroit. This format is a terrific way to target both local residents and national clients.


Create buzz around your campaign through rail wrap advertising. These are placed on the exterior or interior of rail system cars that travel through highly populated metropolitan areas. This is a great way to expose your brand to professionals commuting to and from work and the diverse populations of the metro area.

The Detroit People Mover is an automated people mover system that operates on a single track encompassing Downtown Detroit. This rail system transports locals and tourists to-and-from major events and destinations within the downtown area while giving a birdseye view of the city.

These 13 systematically positioned stations throughout the city are highly trafficked and extremely visible to riders, pedestrians, and drivers. Five 2-car trains are always running consecutively during regular hours of operation


Brooklyn Outdoor’s bulletins and digital bulletins are great for delivering exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic across the Detroit DMA. Bulletins work well for commercial and industrial areas along major roads, while digital bulletins offer flexible, high-impact coverage.

As many as 89% of commuters traveling past a digital bulletin can recall a specific ad seen in the last month. While as many as 14% will patronize a business after having seeing its ad on a digital display.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s wallscape advertising is second-to-none in Detroit. Our inventory is placed in highly-visible pedestrian + vehicular traffic areas. These walls are strategically placed in neighborhoods in Detroit to get and keep the attention of your desired audience.

Our hand-painted mural division selects the absolute best mural artists from the Detroit area to bring our client’s to life. We utilize all local, highly skilled and connected artists with years of experience handling wall prep and painting.


Bus shelter advertising delivers 24-hour performance that targets local audiences who live, work and commute in the immediate area. The breadth of these ads also makes this format highly attractive for national companies.

The audience at bus shelters will have plenty of time to examine ads in depth and will be viewed multiple times a week by the same passerby including current and potential clients.

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