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Detroit Billboard Advertising, Wallscapes and Spectaculars, Cobo Center Digital Spectacular, Plus Original Hand-Painted Advertising Murals – Detroit Made by Brooklyn Outdoor

Brooklyn Outdoor is the only national out-of-home advertising company based in Michigan.  Whether your brand needs Detroit billboard advertising, Cobo Center’s digital spectacular, or even hand painted advertising murals Detroit audiences will love, our Detroit-based team is ready to provide your organization with ideas, sales, and results.

Showcase Your Brand in the Motor City

Picture your next out-of-home campaign in the Detroit DMA — home to 4.8 million residents. The Designated Market Area (DMA) of Detroit is the thirteenth largest DMA in the U.S., stretching from the Ohio border northward up the Saginaw peninsula and encompassing all or part of 14 counties.

Detroit is a multicultural city in the midst of a major and rapid renewal.

Asian and Hispanic communities each have grown by more than 35% in recent years, and the area’s Arab population is now the country’s third largest. The longtime home of the American auto industry, Detroit more recently is undergoing exciting revitalization and redevelopment efforts downtown and urban renewal projects are reviving surrounding historic neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Outdoor is proud to call Detroit our home and we’re ready to make your next Detroit outdoor advertising campaign a success.

Our Detroit DMA Opportunities

Whether your brand needs to reach consumers in core neighborhoods of Downtown Detroit or the wider Detroit DMA, Brooklyn Outdoor has advertising inventory you want, where you need it.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s custom wallscapes and hand painted murals take the out-of-home experience to new heights. Placed in high visibility pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas, these campaigns are designed to pique curiosity and foster engagement over the long term.

Brooklyn Hand Painted

Brooklyn Outdoor’s hand painted division selects the absolute best mural artists from the Detroit area to bring our client’s campaigns to life.  We utilize all local, highly skilled, and well connected. Our artists bring years of experience handling wall prep and painting and have accumulated large social followings that allow cross-promotion to showcase their work.

Brooklyn Outdoor’s experienced marketing, logistics, and project management team deftly handles all coordination of wall prep, lifts, equipment, permits, insurance, parking lot rentals (where needed), paint supplies, and more.

brooklyn outdoor detroit advertising

With Brooklyn Outdoor it’s easy to build a wallscape or hand painted campaign that creates lasting memories around your brand. Make your brand stand out in the Detroit DMA and foster a local connection that is more vital in Detroit than any other market.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s bulletins, digital bulletins, and spectaculars are great for delivering exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic across the Detroit DMA.

Bulletins work well for commercial and industrial areas along major roads, while digital bulletins offer flexible, high-impact coverage.

Spectacular opportunities like the Cobo Center’s Digital Spectacular offer even greater impact, with full motion and full sound spots available in 15, 30, and 60-second increments that allow your brand to tell their story on the big screen for the world to see.

Digital Ads Engage 55% of Consumers

Digital bulletins can also be powerful and effective. Recent studies found digital ads are highly engaging for 55% of consumers, who notice the ad display most of the time. As many as 89% of commuters traveling past a digital bulletin can recall a specific ad seen in the last month, while as many as 14% will patronize a business after seeing its ad on a digital display.

Our team has built relationships with vendors, property owners, independent out-of-home companies, client media-buying services, advertising agencies, and clients direct — all so that we can maximize business, sales, and results for our clients.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s Detroit offerings also include a number of specialty products, including wrap advertising on the Detroit People Mover, pedicab advertising, activations, events and more.



+Mobile Tours + Mobile Assets + Build Outs + Campus Media + Street Teams + Pedicab Advertising + Activations + Special Events Planning/Permitting + Event Rentals + Event Space Rental + Pop up Stores + In-Window/Storescapes + More

Let Brooklyn Outdoor Create Your Detroit Campaign

As a Detroit-based outdoor advertising company with offices in New York and Los Angeles and a presence in more than a dozen top DMAs, Brooklyn Outdoor is ready to make your next Detroit outdoor advertising campaign a success. Our experienced sales reps work with talented local teams, and a diversified client base, from media-buying services to advertising agencies and clients direct, and deliver to the East Coast, West Coast and everywhere in between. 

The Brooklyn Outdoor sales team exemplifies the qualities, focus, and determination necessary to provide your organization with ideas, sales, and of course results. We’re like no other independent sales organization out there, and we’re excited to help your brand reach consumers with high-impact, buzzworthy campaigns across the Detroit DMA.

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