Los Angeles Outdoor Advertising

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California and the second-most populous in the United States. It is at the center of LA county which houses approximately 10 million people. The Los Angeles DMA is one of the most lucrative markets for advertising. The city’s diverse population and culture are the perfect area for targeting specific audiences.

The seasonally warm climate allows for year round fun and activity and also houses our Brooklyn Outdoor West team! Great opportunities exist in the Los Angeles DMA to showcase your brand.

Street Furniture

All of our street furniture inventory has been audited by Geopath to provide comprehensive targeting capabilities and increased efficiency. We deliver strong coverage and deep saturation of iconic & trendy hot spots and college areas, such as Downtown LA, The Grove, and Beverly Center, Hollywood, Melrose, Orange County, UCLA & more.

Digital Billboards

This double-faced Digital Bulletin at Azalea Mall is strategically located at the intersection of Firestone Blvd. & Atlantic Ave. Data tracks a daily traffic count of more than 140,000+ cars.

These digitals offer an impactful way to deliver your message to the nearby 146,598 households.

Digital display formats are able to change weekly, daily or hourly allowing for focused message delivery. 

Digital Kiosks + Walls

Our Los Angeles digital directories are strategically located within Azalea Mall at the most trafficked locations: the food court, in front of Wells Fargo, and the entrance of Walmart. 

These digital kiosks and walls are the perfect addition to our Azalea Mall digital bulletins for complete coverage.

Azalea serves over 6 million active consumers per year of which 3.5 million are driven by Walmart. With a student-dense population, azalea welcomes over 8,000 daily middle and high school students visiting its stores and spending time at its plaza.

Families enjoy gathering at the center for shopping, eating out and attending community events.

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