Washington D.C. Outdoor Advertising

Our Washington D.C. coverage surrounds the perimeter of downtown where high-end consumers live, work, and play in D.C. – Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland and Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Virginia.  The Washington D.C. metropolitan area is the most educated and affluent metro area in the U.S. The Urban area is the largest in the county, with a population of 3.9 million. Brooklyn Outdoor’s inventory allows you to reach nearly half of this upscale market.  Fun fact: Loudoun and Fairfax counties in Virginia are the top two highest HHI DMAs in the United states and OOH is largely zoned out outside of our inventory.  You can’t fully purchase the D.C. DMA without purchasing from Brooklyn Outdoor in your media mix. 

Bus Shelters

Our bus shelter coverage in MD covers the entire region to the Northeast and Southeast of DC, comprising 20 percent of the population. Brooklyn Outdoor offers the only static OOH advertising in the highly sought-after county of Fairfax. This is where you will find the power players of DC, along with the popular Tysons corners. Our inventory includes creative opportunities such as full shelter wraps, streetscapes, and our MD units allow for alcohol advertising.

Bus Benches

Bus bench advertising is ideal for reaching audiences at the street level. This format is strategically positioned for visibility at eye level. This vantage point allows for longer exposure times allowing brands to make highly impactful connections with commuters and pedestrians. We have bench offerings in areas where shelters are prohibited – therefore, allowing you to advertise your brand in all areas possible within our footprint.

Bus Advertising

Brooklyn Outdoor offers advertising on Loudoun County Commuter Buses, which operate service from Loudoun County to and from Washington DC, stopping near all major landmarks in the district. These routes are often carrying or riding alongside the DC elite coming from and through the two highest HHI counties in the US into the district.

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