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Featuring Bus Shelter & Bus Advertising in Prince George’s County and Montgomery County in Maryland as well as Loudoun County and Fairfax County in Virginia

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Showcase Your Brand in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area

The Designated Market Area (DMA) for Washington DC encompasses counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia itself, for a total population of 6.7 million people. The urban area is the 8th largest in the country, with a population of 3.9 million people.

Brooklyn Outdoor’s coverage reaches nearly half of this upscale market in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in Virginia and Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. These areas form a perimeter around the District of Columbia itself — they’re where high-end consumers live, work, and play. As the most educated and affluent area in the country, it’s truly some of the most sought-after inventory in the United States.

Economic activity in the Washington DC DMA centers around the nation’s capital, which is home to two-thirds of recent area job growth and 25% of the DMA job market. Major employers include government-focused non-profit entities, professional associations, and think tanks, as well as commercial and technology firms.

The Washington DC DMA is home to large Hispanic, Asian, and African American communities. Since 2000, the Hispanic community has more than doubled to nearly 15% of the total DMA population. The region includes both the fifth largest Asian and African American communities in the United States. Median household income is more than $80,000.

Your next Washington DC campaign could reach a large and sought-after audience with the out-of-home expertise of Brooklyn Outdoor. With a fresh outlook on the industry and a constant drive for success, our sales team is ready to deliver.

Our Washington DC Opportunities

Reach your audience your way with your choice of media formats and coverage areas.


Brooklyn Outdoor delivers nearly 50% of the urban DC Metro Area through our bus king and bus shelter coverage. With 24-hour visibility to pedestrian and vehicular traffic in high-circulation locations along main roadways, bus king and bus shelter advertising offers an opportunity for clutter-free messaging.

Our bus king and bus shelter coverage areas include the following:


Fairfax County, VA is the largest jurisdiction in the Washington DC area. It’s one of the premier centers of commerce and technology in the United States and is home to some of the most desirable residential communities. The median household income in this county is the second-highest in the US at more than $105,000 and rising and the total population is almost 1.1 million residents. The typical household has commutes 31.3 minutes to work. Advertisers have access to 200 Fairfax County advertising displays that earn an average of 57,653 impressions per display every week.


Prince George’s County and Montgomery County, MD is at the heart of the Washington DC DMA, with top attractions such as the National Harbor, FedExField, Six Flags Amusement Park, NASA’s Goddard Space Center, and the University of Maryland at College Park. The two-county area has a population of more than 863,000 residents and a median household income of $71,260. Advertisers have access to 800 advertising displays earning an average of 46,851 impressions each week.


Loudoun County, VA is the #1 ranked median household income in the country at $115,574. This rapidly growing commuter advertising market is located only 25 miles from Washington DC, and features a unique mix of suburbs, historic towns, and countryside. The county population grew 84% between 2000 and 2010 and currently stands at 312,311 residents. Advertising is offered on 45 vehicles of the Loudoun County commuter bus fleet, with service between the county and Washington DC, with stops near all major landmarks in the District.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s bus shelter advertising program in Washington DC is second to none and acts as billboard advertising would in any major DMA.  Due to the zoning in Fairfax County, VA, we offer the only static advertising format in this highly desired portion of the DMA.  Therefore, it is great for delivering exposure to residents and commuter traffic across the Washington DC DMA. These work well for commercial and industrial areas along major roads. Billboard coverage is available in the Fairfax, VA area.

Our team has built relationships with vendors, property owners, independent out-of-home companies, client media-buying services, advertising agencies, and clients direct — all so that we can maximize business, sales, and results for our clients.

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As a Detroit-based outdoor advertising company with offices in New York and Los Angeles and a presence in more than a dozen top DMAs, Brooklyn Outdoor is ready to make your next Washington DC outdoor advertising campaign a success. Our experienced sales reps work with talented local teams, and a diversified client base, from media-buying services to advertising agencies and clients direct, and deliver to the East Coast, West Coast and everywhere in between.

The Brooklyn Outdoor sales team exemplifies the qualities, focus, and determination necessary to provide your organization with ideas, sales, and of course results. We’re like no other independent sales organization out there, and we’re excited to help your brand reach consumers with high-impact, buzzworthy campaigns across the Washington DC DMA.

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