Seattle Outdoor Advertising

Home to approximately 5.2 million people — and with 652,000 residents in Seattle proper — the Seattle–Tacoma DMA is 12th largest advertising area in the nation. The area hosts the headquarters of Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, T-Mobile, and Starbucks, and serves as a regional business hub for Boeing, Facebook, and others.

This city is home to a major tech industry, as well as, a major hub for music as it is the birthplace of grunge music. The scenic landscape and futuristic space needle are also major tourist attractions, bringing 40 million visitors each year.

Digital Billboards

Our Seattle digital billboards, located along high-trafficked freeways give advertisers the opportunity to reach both local and national consumer alike. This city’s major centers for sports and creative arts give the opportunity for digital billboards to reach a large, diverse audience at once.

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