Brooklyn Outdoor’s transit is located nationally in most major DMA’s and along major routes of travel. All of our inventory is audited by geopath to ensure our clients campaigns are specifically placed to reach target audiences.

Transit advertising is a highly effective format of OOH advertising. This low-cost medium allows clients to expand their reach across multiple locations for the cost of a single traditional billboard. Advertising at bus stations and on modes of public transportation provides continuous advertising that is being viewed 24 hours a day. These ads are viewed by many commuters and passersby to reach a wide demographic.


We’re taking over the city in partnership with halo by Lyft, Brooklyn Outdoor is modernizing the iconic and classic part of the NYC transportation network by adding unparalleled advertising technology. 

Promote your brand all across NYC, with a fleet covering every street corner of the most iconic city. Hone in on one unified message or showcase customized creatives for each neighborhood, store location, time of the day, weather report, event, and more, through our hyper-targeting capabilities.

HYPER-TARGETING | Our ad-targeting takes into account the vehicle’s exact location, time of day/week, and weather to target content to the right places and time, and limit wasted impressions

UNPARALLELED SCALE | We have one of NYC’s largest digital outdoor inventory footprint, with plans to have over 1000 cars across Manhattan & NYC Boroughs as early as June 2020

REAL-TIME REPORTING | Our dashboard allows advertisers to track the reach of their ads in real-time, make targeting changes, and download beautifully crafted performance reports


Bus advertising is a cost efficient way to create mass audience exposure. Buses go where the people go — reaching areas of the city not reached by traditional billboards. Frequency develops from repeated exposure from buses following the same routes.


Create buzz around your campaign through rail wrap advertising. These are placed on the exterior or interior of rail system cars that travel through highly populated metropolitan areas. This is a great way to expose your brand to professionals commuting to and from work and the diverse populations of the metro area.


Bus shelter  + bus bench advertising is primarily used to reach metropolitan audiences for both national and local advertisers. These dynamic ads can be purchased and rotated through the market or by selective locations to reach target groups. This format is great for store opening and location specific campaigns.


Bike share advertising is a great way to target riders, pedestrians and vehicular traffic with your campaign. These eye-level ads are a great way to deliver your message throughout the surrounding area. This format is highly effective for advertising both national + local brands.


Brooklyn Outdoor is the sole-provider of the B-Line Trikes + Bikes format in Portland. This emissions-free transportation system delivers eye-level, attention grabbing messages. Bikes + Trikes has access to bustling pedestrian only pathways. This format combines OOH with highly trained ambassadors to add human interaction and authenticity to message delivery.

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