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Wallscapes are large format wall signs that attract audiences in highly populated downtown areas. They are attached directly to a structure by vinyl. Brooklyn Outdoor’s access to exclusive inventory in major DMA’s across the U.S. makes for highly visible and impactful campaigns.


Chicago | Portland | Detroit 


Billboards are the most commonly used format in OOH advertising. They are highly impactful due to their size and ability to add creative extensions and shapes. Bulletins are typically located along major roadways, attracting high-density consumer exposure. Brooklyn Outdoor’s access to quality inventory and relationships ensures your campaign will reach your target audience effectively.


DetroitChicago |  Portland | Seattle | Lansing

Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are a flexible format offered in all major DMA’s. This format allows for dynamic advertisements that can change weekly, daily or hourly. Brooklyn Outdoors relationships with vendors and access to unique inventory makes for high impact campaigns.


Los Angeles | Chicago | Detroit | Portland | Seattle | Grand Rapids | Lansing

Hand-Painted Murals

Hand-painted murals are a great way to make an authentic connection with your audience. For real impact, social buzz and cross promotion, nothing beats larger-than-life hand-painted murals. Brooklyn Outdoor specializes in handling the placement and production to ensure your campaign resonates with your key publics.


New YorkDetroit

Transit + Street Furniture

Transit Advertising can be placed on modes of transportation and transit stations. This low-cost format is a highly effective way to reach both national and local audiences. Brooklyn Outdoor’s inventory is audited by geopath to ensure the most effective targeting.

Our transit formats include:

Bus Shelters | Street Furniture | Rail Advertising |
Bike Share Panels | Bikes + Trikes 


Experiential marketing allows consumers to engage with brands outside of the board. Creating experiences increases the level of authenticity and connection with brands. Brooklyn Outdoor’s team prides itself on looking at OOH advertising through a diverse lens bringing a creative perspective to campaigns.

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