Atlanta Outdoor Advertising

The city of Atlanta is ranked as the number 10 top DMA in the U.S. Our inventory is located in Cobb & Gwinnett Counties. These two counties comprise over 28 percent of the Metro’s population. Cobb County has the top 100 household income in the nation and the highest level of education in Georgia.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelter advertising is ideal for reaching highly sought after, target audiences in a given DMA – especially a sprawling market like Atlanta.  Advertisers can purchase locations throughout  the market or select locations to reach these targeted groups. Our Atlanta inventory provides creative opportunities for full shelter wraps to make a large splash in the market.

Bus Benches

Bus bench advertising is the ideal format for reaching commuters and those living in metropolitan areas. This format reaches audiences at the street level and provides extended and repeat exposures. Our street furniture is located in areas with high income and education levels.

Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising allows for frequency viewing – audiences to view an ad multiple times. Our Atlanta buses commute between the downtown and midtown areas. Buses running 10-18 hours daily provide ample exposure and impression opportunities to build a successful campaign throughout this major DMA.

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