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Whatever your Atlanta outdoor advertising needs — digital billboard advertising, Atlanta bus and bus shelter advertising, and MARTA digital advertising — Brooklyn Outdoor is ready to provide your organization with ideas, sales, and results.

Showcase Your Brand in the Atlanta DMA

The Designated Market Area (DMA) for Atlanta, GA is one of the largest in the country, spanning 51 counties in the state of Georgia, two in Alabama, and one in North Carolina. The total population for this area is more than 6.4 million people.

At the core of this expansive area are the Georgia Counties of Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Clayton. Home to 2.83 million residents, nearly 44% of the DMA population, these areas offer access to the sought-after out-of-home inventory available through Brooklyn Outdoor.

With a population of more than 463,000, Atlanta is both the capital of Georgia and county seat of Fulton County. The city was founded in 1847 at the crossroads of the Western-Atlantic and Georgia Railroad lines and continues to be a central hub for transportation and logistics. Atlanta is home to a $304 billion-dollar economy, the eighth largest in the U.S., and hosts more than 35 million visitors each year.

Arguably the very best of the Atlanta Metro is located nextdoor in Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. Vibrant communities in the Metro area, these counties are a thriving blend of historic sites, sports, shopping, dining, cultural arts, outdoor, and adventure — all situated within 10 minutes of downtown Atlanta.

College-educated residents make up almost 45% of the population. More than 11% possess advanced degrees. Seven colleges and universities serve the area along with numerous private schools and two top-ranked public school systems. Cobb County is home to more than 350 international firms; many have their U.S. headquarters located in these areas. There are 14 Fortune 500 companies with headquarters here including: Home Depot, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Genuine Auto Parts. High-tech jobs are some of the fastest growing occupations in Cobb County, and engineers, computer and data specialists are highly sought-after employees.

Your next Atlanta campaign could reach this large and sought-after audience with the out-of-home expertise of Brooklyn Outdoor. With a fresh outlook on the industry and a constant drive for success, our sales team is ready to deliver.

Our Atlanta DMA Opportunities

Reach your audience your way with your choice of media formats and coverage areas.


Brooklyn Outdoor’s bulletins and digital bulletins are a great choice for delivering exposure to residents and commuter traffic across the Atlanta DMA. Static bulletins work well for commercial and industrial areas along major roads, while digital bulletins offer flexible, high-impact coverage.

Digital bulletins can be particularly powerful. Recent studies found digital ads are highly engaging for 55% of consumers, who notice the ad display most of the time. As many as 89% of commuters traveling past a digital bulletin can recall a specific ad seen in the last month, while as many as 14% will patronize a business after seeing its ad on a digital display.

Our team has built relationships with vendors, property owners, independent out-of-home companies, client media-buying services, advertising agencies, and clients direct — all so that we can maximize business, sales, and results for our clients. Paired with the Atlanta DMA, Brooklyn Outdoor’s inventory offerings are a golden out-of-home opportunity.


Brooklyn Outdoor delivers coverage in an area that’s home to nearly 1.6 million people in the Atlanta Metro across numerous bus routes. With many routes operating 7 days a week in high-circulation areas along main roadways and transit centers, bus shelter and bus media advertising offers an opportunity for impactful messaging.

Our bus shelter and bus media advertising coverage areas include:


Our bus shelter wraps provide coverage to an area with more than 688,000 residents. The sought-after audience of Cobb and Gwinnett Counties grew more than 13% between 2000 and 2010 and has a median household income of more than $65,000. The area is home to a diverse population and the mean travel time to work is 29.7 minutes. Out-of-home inventory includes 700 advertising displays with an average of 64,673 7-day impressions per display.


Bus media in Cobb County offers a full range of options for a sought-after advertising market. Brooklyn Outdoor is pleased to offer bus kings, queens, tails, kongs, king kongs, full backs, full wraps, and interior cards. Bus routes are located near Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Technical Institute, Life University, Southern Polytechnic State University, Cobb Civic Center, Galleria Mall, Cumberland Mall, Town Center Mall, Six Flags, several medical centers, and numerous park and ride locations. Coverage is also available near five centrally located MARTA stations, including Five Points, Civic Center, Arts Center, Midtown, and Holmes Stations.

Our team has built relationships with vendors, property owners, independent out-of-home companies, client media-buying services, advertising agencies, and clients direct — all so that we can maximize business, sales, and results for our clients.

Let Brooklyn Outdoor Create Your Atlanta Campaign

As a Detroit-based outdoor advertising company with offices in New York and Los Angeles and a presence in more than a dozen top DMAs, Brooklyn Outdoor is ready to make your next Atlanta outdoor advertising campaign a success. Our experienced sales reps work with talented local teams, and a diversified client base, from media-buying services to advertising agencies and clients direct, and deliver to the East Coast, West Coast and everywhere in between.

The Brooklyn Outdoor sales team exemplifies the qualities, focus, and determination necessary to provide your organization with ideas, sales, and of course results. We’re like no other independent sales organization out there, and we’re excited to help your brand reach consumers with high-impact, buzzworthy campaigns across the Atlanta DMA.

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