Brooklyn Outdoor’s core business is outdoor signage and displays, including billboards, hand-painted murals, wallscapes, digital billboards, transit advertising, taxi tops, rail advertising, bus shelters, posters, and in-window displays. We are adept at creating opportunities in places that they didn’t previously exist, helping clients and potential clients explore exciting new creative possibilities. Brooklyn Outdoor knows how to put big ideas into action and make a lasting and memorable impact with target audiences.

Our network of out-of-home advertising space delivers your brand’s key messages to the right audience in a memorable way. We can help conceive and develop the creative or simply implement yours.

Whether it be sky high executions, hand painted murals, street furniture, digital spectaculars, or anything in-between, we can activate.  

Looking for a specific area? Feel free to give us a call.


Innovative Outdoor Advertising

Sure we offer our clients the chance to secure a prominent billboard on busy highway, but when you work with Brooklyn Outdoor, we strive to help build you out-of-home advertising campaigns that both cover the traditionally effective approach and the new, innovative marketing opportunities. No matter how we build your campaign, there will be a captive audience waiting on the other end. Learn more about our out-of-home inventory or contact us for a set of custom recommendations based on your campaign objectives and targets.



For real impact, social buzz, and cross promotion, nothing beats larger-than-life hand painted murals.


Transit advertising includes taxi tops, buses, street furniture (bus benches and bus shelters), kiosks, rail advertising, and subway media.   Transit advertising puts your brand in the kind of unlikely places that guarantee it gets noticed.


Out-of-home advertising is founded on static billboards.  Static general market and static placements offer a perfect baseline to any campaign.


Digital bulletins and spectaculars are great for delivering exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Digital offers the flexibility required to keep your message fresh and relatable to a diverse audience.