Eddie Yniguez


Since joining the Brooklyn Outdoor team in 2019, Eddie Yniguez has been leading west coast national sales. He has a very unique set of skills ranging throughout the industry from planning, to buying, to selling.

Throughout his years of planning and buying at various major national OOH agencies, his years of experience in media include a specialization in entertainment, CPG, alcohol, QS, and health care industries. He specializes in account services, media planning in print, TV, radio, digital properties, and OOH. His ability to read and write in Spanish are an incredible asset toward increasing our diverse relations and partnerships.

Throughout his time spent in OOH, he has gained experience working with Nielson Clear Decisions, Nielson Brand Ratings and Kantar Strategy, which will ultimately help shape Brooklyn Outdoor insights and strategy for years to come. Yniguez first fell in love with sales at 365 Outdoor and he has been an asset to the Brooklyn Outdoor team from the day he started with energy and excitement for growing sales and relationships.

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