Geopath Member Spotlight: Brooklyn Outdoor

Brooklyn Outdoor was honored to be featured as June’s Geopath‘s Member Spotlight. In this feature, we discuss what it’s like being an out-of-home agency among Detroit’s vibrant energy, the challenges that OOH advertising has faced this year, and important opportunities for the industry now and the future. You can read a snippet of our interview below. You can also click here to read the full feature on Geopath’s website.

Key Opportunities for OOH

“There are many opportunities for OOH as we continue to advance with insights and storytelling. Most importantly, we can now show clients (who have gone down different paths with their media mix) that we have a central measurement tool that allows us to be able to recapture dollars that have gone elsewhere. Having new capabilities and becoming more united as an industry is going to be key for us moving forward.

Specifically, for our business, we are building out a bus shelter advertising plant in Detroit, which has never been done before in the city. Detroit has variety of different bus shelters that have gone up over the years, and none of them have included an advertising channel for the city.  We’ve been working closely with the city to showcase the benefit of utilizing OOH and how we can easily drive the important revenue that the city needs and provide infrastructure to the community and neighborhoods.

Being able to then use data and measurement to ramp up this offering is a big opportunity for us. The ability to create new things that have never been done in Detroit allows us to position the city like any other top market. To be able to accomplish that within a few years of working with the city and see it start to roll out is a pretty exciting opportunity for us, and I think a major indicator of how fast OOH is growing overall.”