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Needless to say, 2020 has been interesting for the world and interesting for those of us in OOH. This year has reinforced the need for sales reps, media planners, and vendors to act as consultants for our clients. With the ever growing uncertainty around the economy, Brooklyn Outdoor turned to some of out-of-home advertising’s top leaders to offer OOH industry insights.

We asked Stacy Enderle, Group Director at Essence Global to give insights to one of the most pressing topics in OOH…


BK:  Do you think there will be any repercussions for brands who cut 2020 ad spend entirely due to Covid-19? 

SE: Everyone in the world is likely feeling the effects of the pandemic in some way, likely both professionally & personally, so I do not think there will be repercussions for brands who cut 2020 ad spend. 

However, I do think that brands that are able to adjust themselves to the needs of the pandemic will stand out and be remembered.  One of the first brands that I saw to do this well was Cottonelle with their #ShareASquare campaign and more recently Twitter’s outdoor campaign with tweets encouraging mask use. 

Similarly, a vendor able to innovate the way they sell their media and offer different incentives and packages with flexibility will also stand out and be remembered among clients. 

BK:  As we move into 2021, why should brands invest in OOH?

SE: OOH is one of the oldest media formats that brands have been utilizing for decades as an essential piece of their marketing campaigns.  As the world recovers from a global pandemic those with the ability to spend in OOH are conveying an important message to consumers about the strength & confidence in their product.

Additionally, when advertising a product reaching the target audience is key, but also capturing them within the buyer’s mindset and converting it to an action is much harder.  I think there will be mindset shifts as a result from the COVID pandemic that will need to be considered. 

The first step will be if we want consumers to spend with products & entertainment in public places we should be reaching them while they are on the go – and advertising in those same public places. 

BK: Are there certain formats you recommend brands include in their campaigns in 2021?

SE:  My mantra for the remainder of 2020 & 2021 is going to be “flexibility”.

OOH has historically lived by these somewhat strict & non-flexible guidelines of 60 days out, long term commitments, materials due 2 weeks prior etc.  Now, more than ever it is important to protect your clients and not lock them into a campaign or specific location/format. 

I think digital formats will play an important role in 2021 while a client may be more conservative with their spend and commitment level.

Clients, markets, brands and behaviors are all recovering from COVID-19 at various levels and that is constantly changing. Digital formats allow for everyone (clients & vendors) to feel comfortable committing to a campaign knowing that it can adjust and change as needed.

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