Needless to say, 2020 has been interesting for the world and interesting for those of us in OOH. This year has reinforced the need for sales reps, media planners, and vendors to act as consultants for our clients. With the ever growing uncertainty around the economy, Brooklyn Outdoor turned to some of out-of-home advertising’s top leaders to offer OOH industry insights.

We asked Brian Rappaport, CEO of Quan Media Group to give insights to one of the most pressing topics in OOH…


BK:  Who are the new brands we see popping up in OOH?

BR: Touchland, Manscaped – but stepping away from internal bias, Back Market, Native Deodorant, Points Bet.

BK: What are some brands that would benefit from OOH at this time that we haven’t really seen tapping in?

BR: I don’t want to give away Quan’s target clients (ha!) but to be fair, Truff Hot Sauce, always thought Barstool Sports with their wide range of programming & content should utilize OOH in a smart/strategic way (though they do have a built in audience), Tonal, Magic Spoon, and Super Coffee (Google those brands if you haven’t heard of them!)

BK: Are media planners reaching out to clients directly or are they working in tandem with agencies to bring in new clients?

BR:   For us it’s a combo, we have a few agency partnerships where we work in tandem with them to build awareness of the OOH channel and how best to utilize – but at the same time, client direct is the way to go.  The layers are stripped and they rely on you for approach and what works best for them in regards to how to use the channel.

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